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Easy to use, hard to put down
Lenco has created an easy to use, easy to learn craps game for both your iPhone and iPad. We also have a unique take on classic Vegas-style slots that lets you put your own photos on the machine! And unlike other publishers, we don't make you purchase coins or credits to keep playing. Once you buy a game, you can play it as long and as often as you like.

Craps Deluxe
Craps Deluxe lets you learn and enjoy the most exciting casino game of them all, right on your phone! Explore new betting strategies with auto-betting preferences - learn how to play the "dark side" - enjoy realistic casino sounds and stick calls - and best of all, play as long as you want with as many chips as you want!
Craps HD
With a larger table and support for multiple players, Craps HD takes craps on the iPad to a whole new level. Enjoy all the features of Craps Deluxe with support for up to five players at once.
Photo Slots
Personalize your slots play by adding your own photos to the reels! Put your kids, your pets, even yourself into the game and win big when your favorite pictures show up! Easily access your photo library or take a new picture from within the game. Slots has never been this much fun. Three built-in games give you lots of variety!
"I've DL'd and played a ton of crappy Craps simulators and every one had it's issues. I found one early on, called Craps Deluxe... I love it so much... I feel that it's a smooth and useful game that goes as far as taking into account EVERY bet you can make on a regular Craps table - it also offers statistical tracking, AND the ability to simulate 'dice influencing' or 'Controlled Shooting'."
"My kids loved putting their faces in the game on my iPhone, and now they can do it with our entire photo album on the big screen! Excellent twist on the slots genre."
Little White Bear - App store review
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